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Helping tenants transfer homes

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HomeKey is for social tenants (currently living in rented property) who wish to transfer homes. This is also called a Choice Based Letting.

IMPORTANT: If you are a A2 Dominion tenant, from the 30th October you can no longer apply for homes through HomeKey. Please go to, where A2 Dominion properties will now be advertised.

Search for homes

  • Finding your next home is simple.
  • properties advertised on HomeKey.
  • Bid on properties from your landlord and other landlords
  • Read about Searching here
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  • Your landlord must be a partner of HomeKey to join.
  • Contact your landlord; get registered then look for a new home!
  • It’s easy! HomeKey matches you to any home which suits your needs
  • See if your landlord is a partner
  • Join today!
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Help and advice

HomeKey has advice and tips to help you move:


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