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Helping tenants transfer homes

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HomeKey will help you unlock the door to a new home!

HomeKey is a new service offering social tenants more choice in transfers. If you rent your home from the council or a housing association, you can use HomeKey to transfer to a new home within your landlord’s area.

If you want to use this service, your landlord must be a HomeKey partner.

Is my Landlord a HomeKey Partner?

Please click here for a list of landlords partnering with HomeKey.

HomeKey is easy....

  1. 1. Contact your partnering landlord to register with the service
  2. 2. We match you to homes
  3. 3. You receive matches by email
  4. 4. You bid on your favourite homes

Powerful searching

Every evening HomeKey will automatically search its databases and match you to any homes which suit your requirements. You can also use our fantastic search facility to find and view homes.

Joining is simple

  • Contact your landlord who will register you on HomeKey
  • Once you have been registered you will be sent a username and password
  • When you receive these details you can log in and use HomeKey

How it works

  • Partnering landlords use HomeKey to advertise any homes they currently have available
  • HomeKey then automatically matches you to any of those homes which meet your needs – these may be from your current landlord or other landlords in the area who are accepting applications
  • You can then view these matches (or create your own search) and as long as you meet the criteria set out by the landlord, you can place a bid and register your interest in the property
  • Landlords will receive a shortlist of people bidding on a home in order of their need and date registered

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