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Helping tenants transfer homes

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HomeKey - bringing choice to transfers

Developed by the people behind HomeSwapper, HomeKey has been introduced as a solution for RSLs undertaking transfers across multi-authority areas.

HomeKey is:

  • A shared transfer system allowing quick and effective management of transfers between your stock and, if you want, stock of other partnering RSL’s.
  • A shared service which:
    • Is small on cost/big on functionality
    • Easy to ‘install’ – with minimal setup time or cost
    • Handles different allocations policies thus dovetailing with your existing practices.
  • Easy to use – for RSLs and tenants: HomeKey matches and alerts tenants who then bid.
  • A service which ‘brings choice to transfers’ – therefore having a positive impact on short-notice inspections; partnering HomeKey will offer your tenants improved options.
  • HomeKey empowers tenants whilst reducing staff workload; taking time out of transfers.

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